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comprehensive Property Management

At Rent My Home Property Management, we manage every component of your rental property.

We screen, place, and change over tenants, coordinate maintenance and solve any urgent problems, from the moment you engage us until the time you want the home back to either move in to or sell.

We Find Great Tenants

We bring our experience and tools to the selection of people for your property to ensure that they are quality, long term tenants.

Our eviction rates approach 0% every year!

We Provide Great Returns

We are immensely proud to have helped our clients achieve impressive results! By constantly monitoring the market, we increased our client's revenue by a remarkable 25.7% per property, year over year from 2020 to 2023. With 20 years of construction experience, Keith often saves clients money on repairs.

We have a plan

We have a carefully thought out contingency plan for almost every situation that property managers face.

For example, we have been able to provide almost every owner in the last five years with continuous rent when their tenant has had to break their lease.

When the pandemic hit, Keith created a plan that saw all rents collected and we did not experience any COVID related evictions.

We are Centrally Located

Our office is conveniently situated right in the heart of downtown, allowing us to be within a mere 10-minute drive from an overwhelming 97% of the properties we manage.

This strategic location enables us to promptly cater to all our clients' and tenants' needs and promptly deliver top-notch service.


Fees For Our Services

The fee for our service is 10% of the gross rental income + GST. Fees are deducted from rent.

There is a onetime Startup Fee of $500 which includes bringing you on as a new client and the finding and placement of the first tenant. We usually take it off your first month’s payment.

There is a $200 + GST New Tenant Fee for removing a tenant and placing a new one at the end of a lease term. This does not usually apply to break-of-lease situations.

Lease renewals are performed at no charge.

There is a $39 + GST charge on each invoice from a supplier, contractor, or till receipt generated on your behalf.

If you live outside Canada there will be non resident fees, usually of $295 per year.